🚀 Mission

To build an end-to-end product that enables teams to build, ship and scale delightful APIs.

🌠 Vision

Empowering the world to seamlessly exchange data.

🌱 Values

Values are a social contract. We expect results delivered in a way consistent with these values. In exchange, we reward high performance. These expectations are codified in

💛 Building Bridges Through Openness

We believe in the power of open communication and mutual respect within our team. Transparency, respect, feedback, and helpfulness are the cornerstones of our interpersonal interactions.

In practice, this means:

💙 Cultivating Trust, Integrity, and Empowerment

We are committed to creating a work environment of respect, integrity, and empowerment. By valuing diverse perspectives and upholding the highest ethical standards, we build trust within our teams and with our customers. We strive to create an environment where everyone is empowered to do their best work, fostering an inclusive and uplifting community.

In practice, this means: